Preparatų rinkinys mikroskopui "Gyvenimas dirvožemyje", 17 vnt.

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    Kodas: 1004258
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  • Preparatų rinkinyje pateikti dirvožemyje esantys mikroorganizmai.

    Rinkinį sudaro 17 vnt. 26x76 mm stiklinių preparatų mikroskopui.

    Aprašymas anglų kalba:

    1(d). Acidophile soil bacteria, solution of heavy metals
    2(d). Nitrite bacteria, forming harmful nitrogenous substances
    3(d). Root of beech with ectotrophic mycorrhiza, t.s.
    4(d). Root of birch with partly endotrophic mycorrhiza, t.s.
    5(d). Root of lupin with symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria
    6(d). Netted venation, portion of rotted deciduous leaf
    7(c). Charlock (Sinapis), t.s. of stem. Green manure plant
    8(d). Soil bacteria (Bacillus megaterium), smear
    9(d). Hyphae of root fungi, t.s.
    10(d). Lichen, indicator of clean air
    11(c). Mushroom (Xerocomus), mycelium
    12(c). Root of willow (Salix), planting protecting against erosion
    13(c). Earthworm (Lumbricus) t.s., causing soil improvement
    14(d). Springtails (Collembola), w.m.
    15(d). Mite from forest soil, w.m.
    16(c). Constituents of humus soil
    17(c). Constituents of peaty soil.